Summer Reading List

Along with swimming, sunning and dancing I also plan to do some reading this summer. I have read a lot of great dance books this year but I still have many on my bookshelf waiting for me. They span from autobiographies and biographies to history books covering modern, jazz and ballet.

Below is a list of books you should consider reading this summer. 🙂

1. Apollo’s Angels A History of Ballet, Jennifer Homans. (FYI! this book is more than 300 pages and took about 2 months to finish, but it is jam-packed with information that all ballet dancers should know to understand the art form.)

2. No Intermissions: The Life of Agnes De Mille, Carol Easton. (A bold look at the life of Agnes De Mille. She was a firecracker that never took “NO” for an answer. I especially liked reading about her relationship with Martha Graham and Antony Tudor.)

3. The Ballerinas: From the Court of Louis XIV to Pavlova, Parmenia Migel. (A in-depth look at some of the greatest ballerinas of all time from Salle and Camargo to Taglioni and Elssler. If you don’t recognize these names them you should definitely read this book.)

4. Art Without Boundaries: The World of Modern Dance, Jack Anderson. (It is a slower read for me but I think that is because the history of modern dance stems from many different art forms and has had many pioneers.)

5. Merce Cunningham: Fifty Years. (Can’t wait to read.)

6. Somewhere: The Life of Jerome Robbins, Amanda Vaill. (Can’t wait to read.)

7. Holding On to the Air: An Autobiography, Suzanne Farrell. (A first hand account of what it’s like to dance for Balanchine. Can’t wait to read.)


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