Tapping The Night Away

What could be better than seeing SPAMALOT last night? Watching some skilled tappers “do their thing” in front of the Music Hall at Fair Park as part of the Dance Council of North Texas’ national tap dance celebration, which they appropriately titled Sir Tap-A-Lot.

Last night’s program included some entertaining and rhythmically-challenging numbers performed by The Hoofin’ Crew, The Drawbacks Youth Tap Ensemble, Texas Cool Dancers, iNStep, Gene’s Classic Dancers and DCNT Scholarship recipients Lauren Burns and Dalit Agronin.

The Drawbacks really impressed me with their timing. It is not easy to get five tappers to stay together especially when tapping to an instrumental piece that changes from a standard 4/4 count into a 3/4 count. Their tapping was so smooth and effortless. It was very reminiscent of Gene Kelly and Ann Miller. Very clean and classy.

I also liked the Broadway-style tapping of the Hoofin’ Crew. The girls were so reminiscent of “A Chorus Line” with their short fringe skirts and character heels. And the two boys looked very dapper in their suits.

But the highlight of the show was seeing legendary tapper Buster Cooper get up on stage and lead everyone in the Shim Sham, which is the national anthem of tap. Watching this Mickey Rooney look-alike, who will be 88 in august, is proof that dance has no age limit. He moves with the quickness and spunk of a 20-year-old. Everyone in the Dallas dance community knows his name and I am so glad I finally got a chance to see him in person.

If you missed last night’s show, don’t worry! You have four more chances from now till Saturday to see it. Or do what I did and go see both shows: Sir Tap-A-Lot and SPAMALOT. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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