DBDW 2011: Day 3

And I thought the soreness couldn’t get any worse. I don’t even remember what it feels like to not be sore. I could barely get out of bed this morning. I got to class early so I could work out some of the kinks. The modern warm up is feeling more comfortable so I started focusing more on the music and my timing. The first two days I was so focused on getting the movement that I kind of tuned Milton and his keyboard out. (I don’t recommend doing this.) I really love Dudley’s imagery when it comes to describing movement. “Stretch your left side as if you are jumping up and over the bar in the pole vault.” And my personal favorite, “Release your arms and raise your chest and then close them like a jellyfish.”

I think I forgot to mention that every day in jazz Jamal teaches us a different combo. Monday was a bluesy piece with lots of attitude. Tuesday was a broadway-inspired quick-step. And today was a soulful lyrical/jazz piece filled with tension and moments of release. Ahhhhhhhhhh my kind of dancing! Everyone really got into the mood of the piece and we danced our butts off.


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