Delicious Dancing

Park Cities Broadway Dance Company teaching "The Pony" and "The Jerk" to audience members. Photo courtesy of Christian Waits.

Taste Dance Addison! Style satisfies everyone’s dance craving.

The Town of Addison, TX, have a large appetite for dance because The Addison Conference Center was packed yesterday for the highly anticipated dance event Taste Dance Addison! Style.

(You have to understand something about the dance-going crowd. They are an adventurous bunch and are willing to try anything at least once. So when you give them an event, such as Taste Dance Addison! Style, where they can watch and then get up and learn a few steps of a certain dance style – you can bet they’re going to get up and dance.)

This year’s event was a savory mix of belly dancing with Neenah & The Harem Jewels, Flamenco with Jesus Munoz, Broadway musical theatre with Park Cities Broadway Dance Company and West Coast Swing with Scott McCullough and Susan (Susu) Seaman.

Jesus Munoz performing a savory Flamenco piece. Photo courtesy of Christian Waits.

I have sold my fair share of Flamenco shoes but I have never seen anyone perform this style of dance. Jesus Munoz was magnificent. He commanded the audience’s attention with his syncopated foot stomping and unyielding upper-body frame. For such a complicated style, Munoz was able to simplify the step and have the audience dancing Flamenco in a matter of minutes. He is truly a master of his art.

I was also impressed with the quick teaching style of Jacqueline Porter, artistic director of Park Cities Broadway Dance Company. She taught the audience “The Pony,” “The Jerk” and the Broadway bevel; all the while shouting words of encouragement such as “Yes, you guys are ready for New York,” and “Fake it till you make it.” She made us all feel like a star.

Scott McCullough and Susu Seaman teaching couples "The Jitterbug." Photo courtesy of Christian Waits.

And did I mention this event was FREE!!!!!!

Thank you Dance Council of North Texas and the Town of Addison for sponsoring such a fun and unique event.

And props to MC Nick Cains, a SMU Senior Theatre Major, for encouraging the audience to get up and dance. Your positive energy was infectious. 🙂


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I am a dance fanatic living in Dallas, TX. Not only do I teach dance but I also love writing about it. My love for dance started at the age of six when my mom signed me up for my first dance class. I have training in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern and acrobatics. In college I minored in dance and majored in journalism. I have had articles published in Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher and the Dance Council of North Texas' DANCE publication. Let me share my stories with you.
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  1. Ramona says:

    Hello, do you know of any flamenco teachers in Dallas?

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