That Was BUCK!

Lil' C & SYTYCD season 6 winner Russell Ferguson.

SYTYCD Comes to Dallas.

 “Buck is when internal artistry meets physical expression,” Lil’ C said to Twitch and Comfort during Season 4 of SYTYCD.

The “buck” master himself was on hand at the So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Dallas auditions at Southern Methodist University’s McFarlin Auditorium, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012.

Known for his eloquent and soul-searching critiques, Lil’ C didn’t hold back on the Dallas contestants, which for the first part of the day consisted mostly of Hip Hoppers. Correction: Poppers, Tutters, Krumpers and B-Boys, for Hip Hop is not a style, but a way of living, according to SYTYCD Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Aaron Blanelock, 19, from Dallas, TX, performed a style of Hip Hop called Popping which involves tensing and relaxing one part of the body at a time (i.e. fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder and then reverse the movement.) Mary Murphy called him “absolutely likable” and a “good mover” but Lil’ C thought his moves were limited. “Dancing is a form of communication and that was a simple conversation,” Lil’ C said.

Lil' C on the judging panel. Photo:

Emilio González, 19, also from Dallas, TX, gave a demonstration on Tutting (creating patterns and angles mainly with your arms) and Bone Breaking (rhythmic contortion-like movement.) While Lil’ C said the shapes were all there the movement needed to be “crispy” and “nutty.”

The first part of the day ended with Krumper Tristen Everett, 23, from Oklahoma City, OK. Krumping is a high energy, hard-hitting style that is typically used as a way to release anger and aggression. Everett’s performance involved a lot of stomping, chest popping and arm swinging.

During our one-on-one time with the judges we asked Lil’ C if it is difficult to come out of the internal dancing world and try to communicate to 90 million people. “I think there’s a trick to it because everyone can say you’re too engaged in yourself and you have to connect with us, but sometimes that’s impossible because you want to be fully focused on your art. So instead of connecting with them you have to bring them into your world and make them pay attention to what you’re doing,” Lil’ C said.

WOW! This man seriously needs to write a book on Hip Hop and its evolution!

Can’t wait for the new season to start this summer!!!!!

Check out more here!


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