Dance Planet 16 Coming Soon


Dance Planet 16 is only 2 weeks away. Are you registered???

Horton Technique class with Melissa Young (LEFT) at Dance Planet 15. Photo: Fermaint Photography

If you are a dance instructor I definitely recommend attending this event.

I went last year and to this day I am still using some of the warm up and across the floor combos I learned in a Horton technique class. I also picked up some new music ideas in a Classical Jazz Dance class. And before and after class I got the chance to talk to the teachers about their teaching styles and got some great advice. And it was all FREE!!!!!!!!! So there is really no excuse not to go.

This year I am planning on taking Modern, Yoga and Hip Hop. There is also Ballet Barre, Hustle, Flamenco, Salsa and Cirque Silks.

DP 16 will be March 31-April 1 at Booker T. Washington in downtown Dallas.

Hope to see y’all there!!!!!!


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