Sneak Peek: Dallas DanceFest 2017


NobleMotion Dance in Photo Box D. Photo: Lynn Lane

Dallas DanceFest is just a week away and I wanted to let y’all know that I have been working on some profile pieces on a few of the performing companies for and I can’t wait for you to read about them. I focused mostly on the companies who will be presenting at the festival for the first time as well as a couple well known professional and pre-professional companies in the area. Everyone seems to be most excited about seeing so many different genres of dance all in one place at one time and I couldn’t agree more.

Joshua L. Peugh of Dark Circles Contemporary Dance. Photo: Sergio Garcia

I would pay close attention to the program and the names of the dancers performing because I have no doubt that the younger dancers are going places. I was also excited to see that so many local choreographers would be represented in the festival, including Joshua L. Peugh, Danielle Georgiou, Anastasia Waters, Tammie Reinsch and Hailey Von Schlehenried, to name a few. I have seen work from all of them and I just know they will not disappoint. All the big names in Dallas dance will also be there, including Bruce Wood Dance, Texas Ballet Theater and Dallas Black Dance Theatre.

There are not so many dance companies from outside the North Texas region this year, which is a little disappointing. Really NobleMotion Dance out of Houston and AJ Garcia-Rameau from Austin are the only ones. Hopefully next year we can see some more companies from

Photo: Courtesy of DGDG

outside the Dallas-Austin-Houston triangle.

The program itself is over 2 days, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, a welcomed reprieve from last year’s very looooooooong performances which also featured the Dance Council Honors program.

Courtesy of AJ Garcia-Rameau


Side note: The Dance Council of North Texas has thankfully split up the two programs with the 2017 Dance Council Honors taking place Oct. 29 at Dallas Black Dance Theater.

So, please, please, please check in with this week to read my profiles and I hope to see you at Moody Performance Sept. 2-3 for the fourth installment of Dallas DanceFest!

For more information about Dallas DanceFest and to purchase tickets please visit

For a full list of the performing companies please check out my post announcing this year’s line up HERE!

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