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Preview: Not Your Average Masquerade presented by ImPULSE Dance Project

Circus Act

ImPULSE Dance Project takes us to the circus in Not Your Average Masquerade at the Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater this weekend.

Photo: Impulse Dance Project
Impulse Dance Project rehearses for Not Your Average Masquerade
Lewisville — Over the last eight years ImPULSE Dance Project has built quite a following in Dallas by providing audiences with dance experiences that are original, reflective and highly-entertaining that also celebrate the art of modern dance. Case in point ImPULSE’s annual Snow performance, My Beating Heart (2016) and True Colors (2013). Continuing on this path ImPULSE has put together an immersive dance production for its eighth season opener, Not Your Average Masquerade, which takes place Nov. 2-3 in the recital hall at the Medical City Lewisville (MCL) Grand Theater.

This dance experience takes the audience on a journey through a strange circus, but there is more than what meets the eye in this elusive spectacle, according to the company’s press release. “The performers go on a journey as well; a journey of self-discovery and revealing their true identity,” says ImPULSE Artistic Director Anastasia Waters. “This production aims to create a unique dance experience for the viewer, releasing them from limitations of one seat and freeing them to move about and view the dance from a variety of perspectives.”

Not Your Average Masquerade is an evening-length work that Waters created in collaboration with ImPULSE company member Miranda Spence. Waters tells me that the show began as a mission to explore how to bring their audience into the dance. “I have always been interested in finding ways to connect with the audience not only through relatable concepts, but truly bringing the audience into the world I am trying to create.”

Waters continues, “This is why I love intimate dance spaces. Usually in a dance performance the audience is on the outside looking in at the world the dancers are in, almost as if the dancers are in a snow globe. In this show I wanted to bring the audience into our world.”

This world that Waters and Spence have created is representative of the performers and animals you would typically see at the circus. Waters says that she has always loved going to the circus, but always felt a little sad for the animals and saw the circus performers as people looking to find themselves. “This is such a relatable theme for almost everyone,” Waters says. “We hear phrases like ‘I’m running away to the circus’ a lot in life when we are struggling with our life circumstances.”

She adds, “And even though it was amazing what the horses, elephants and lions were doing, I always wondered if they really wanted to be doing it. That again leads back to questions of identity. Is this who I want to be? Is this who I am? Who do I want to be? How do I become who I want to be? So, in this show there is a sense of discomfort within the mysticism, and an underlying theme of searching for identity.”

The location of this site-specific production is the recital hall at the MCL Grand Theater, which Waters says is a beautiful space usually meant for parties and banquets. She is particularly fond of its high ceilings, lights, mirrors and large windows. “In this show I wanted to see how I could use all of the beautiful attributes of the space to tell the story within the show. So, we make use of every nook and cranny of this space. All of this has truly opened up the possibility for exciting spontaneous moments throughout the performance.”

Waters also notes that while there are some designated areas for the performers to dance, most of the show happens in, around and through the audience. She adds that there are also moments where the audience will be guided to move to certain areas of the space throughout the dance.

Looking over the entire process Waters says the most challenging aspect for her has been trying to predict where the audience will be in the very unpredictable immersive experience. “This is what makes the show exciting, but also its greatest challenge. Not only will our audience need to be very responsive to the dance, but our dancers will have to be very adaptable to where the audience is choosing to be.”

As to what she hopes the audience will take away from this dance experience, Waters says, “My goal is to connect with our audience at a whole new level. I want our audience to leave excited for the possibilities of what dance can be and do. I want to give our audience a truly unique experience.”

>This preview was originally posted on TheaterJones.com.


Dallas DanceFest Profile: imPULSE Dance Project

Impuse dance project
Photo courtesy of imPULSE Dance Project

And yet another profile for Dallas DanceFest. This was originally posted on TheaterJones.com.

Artistic Director Anastasia Waters on the company’s mission and her expectations for their first showing at Dallas DanceFest.

Dallas — ImPULSE Dance Project (IDP) was created out of founder Anastasia Waters’ desire to change the way the general public perceives modern dance. IDP’s mission is to make dance more accessible for the general public by integrating their dance works into the environments that surround people in their everyday lives. The name stems from Waters’ impulse decision to make her dream a reality after a long internal struggle. “Though it has been a long time dream of mine, the thought was always very scary and overwhelming with the actual logistics of starting a company. Where will I get funding? Who will dance with me? Where will we dance? One day when all of these questions were running through my mind I had the impulse just to do it. So, that is where the name imPULSE Dance Project comes from and I have been acting on impulses in regards to this company ever since.”

Waters received her BFA in modern dance at Texas Christian University. During her time there she had the opportunity to perform in works by Susan Douglas Roberts, Elizabeth Gillaspy, Suki John and guest artists Robert Battle, Loretta Livingston and Alexander Beller. During Waters’ senior year she was awarded the Emerging Choreographer’s Award for her modern pieces Bedtime Story and OmnipotenceBedtime Story was also chosen to be performed and adjudicated at the 2010 American College Dance Festival. After dancing with Dallas-based Muscle Memory Dance Theatre for two years, Waters left to start her own company in 2012.

While this will be IDP’s first time presenting at Dallas DanceFest, the group is no stranger to festivals in general. The company actually premiered its very first work, True Colors, at the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival in 2013 and has also performed at the Denton Dance Festival and Out of the Loop Fringe Festival. Waters credits dance festivals for helping IDP grow because she says they gave them an outlet to perform back in the beginning when they didn’t have the funding to put on their own productions. She adds, “Various festivals have helped us establish an audience and reach people we wouldn’t have otherwise. I believe they have also helped me acquire and keep dancers as they offer us more opportunities to perform, which is ultimately why we do what we do!”

For DDF 2017, IDP will perform Waters’ piece Between Wind and Water, which she explains is an abstract representation of vulnerability. “It is a dance on finding the courage to expose one’s deepest self in order to form real desired connections and relationships. In the dance these feelings are represented by images of wind and standing exposed in inclement weather.” The work features Waters’ signature movement style, which she says is very athletic and comes from her love of experimenting with power in dance so her movement contains a certain amount of weight and grounded quality.

As a first time presenter Waters says she is most looking forward to having the company share the stage with so many other talented companies in the area. She is also interested to see how her work translates onto a larger stage stating, “Most of the performances we do are held in very intimate black box settings, which I love, but we are all very excited to perform at Moody Performance Hall.”

» imPULSE Dance Project will be performing Between Wind and Water at Dallas DanceFest this Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

» Dallas DanceFest is 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 2; and 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 3, at Moody Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District. Performances are:


8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 2

  • Ballet Ensemble of Texas
  • Ballet Frontier of Texas
  • Dallas Black Dance Theatre
  • Danielle Georgiou Dance Group
  • Dark Circles Contemporary Dance
  • Indique Dance Company
  • Kat Barragan Dance
  • LakeCities Ballet Theatre
  • NobleMotion Dance
  • SMU Meadows Dance Ensemble
  • Texas Ballet Theater
  • Uno Más
  • Wanderlust Dance Project


3:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 3

  • AJ Garcia-Rameau
  • Arden Leone Dance Company
  • Bruce Wood Dance
  • Center for Ballet Arts
  • Contemporary Ballet Dallas
  • Dallas Ballet Company
  • DBDT:Encore!
  • Dallas Youth Repertory Project
  • Granadans
  • imPULSE Dance Project
  • Rhythm In Fusion Festival
  • Royale Ballet Dance Academy
  • Rhythmic Souls
  • Texas Ballet Theater School

» More information about Dallas DanceFest is available at www.thedancecouncil.org